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Welcome to Bodhi Wellness!

When you book your appointment, you will be sent a link to complete your new Chiropractic patient paperwork online. Please take the time to fill this out, including insurance information if applicable, so you don’t have to remember to bring anything to your first appointment—except yourself, and a willingness to learn! Wear casual, comfortable clothing (no short-shorts or skirts, please) that you can move around in.

Canmore Chiropractic clients enjoy full Spa access to our outdoor hot yubs, eucalyptus steam room, gym, & locker rooms during their visit. Visit our
Spa Amenities page for more information.

What is Chiropractic Care?

Chiropractic care is the use of precise manual movements to balance and align the joints of the body to allow the nervous system to perform at its optimum level.

When we restore balance and alignment to your skeletal structure, your nervous system’s ability to function correctly is restored, allowing the messages between your brain and body to be delivered properly. This offers your body an increased ability to perform optimally, heal, and repair in response to the stresses you deal with daily. Our goal is to help every one of our clients optimize their health and live life to the fullest!

Canmore Chiropractor, Dr. Darren Scheirman, holding a spine model
Canmore chiropractor Dr. Madison Baile adjusting a patients neck

Your First Visit

Plan on being with us between 30 and 45 minutes for your first visit. Our friendly, knowledgeable front desk staff will greet you and make you feel right at home. We’ll give you a quick rundown of the space, so you’ll know where everything is for future visits, then we’ll set you up in the exam room.

Dr. Darren or Dr. Madison will explain Chiropractic Care and how it helps with nervous system function. They will go over your health history and your reasons for coming in for care. A nervous system scan and a structural examination will be performed to locate any areas that may be contributing to your musculoskeletal issues.  If needed, spinal X-rays may be recommended to further determine the most appropriate direction for your care. 

Once all your health information has been collected, your Canmore Chiropractor can discuss with you the best way to proceed with your first adjustment. 

Your Second Visit

At your second visit, your Chiropractor will talk to you about any changes that you have experienced. They will also go over our complete report of findings and explain the results of your nerve scans, X-rays (if necessary) and evaluation. They will then will offer recommendations and options for care plans, based on your specific health goals.

Payment & Billing

We’ll let you know the cost of your care and go over our payment options. We can direct bill most private insurance companies. We also accept cash , debit,  Visa, MasterCard, AMEX.

Still have questions?
Head over to our FAQ page for more information!

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