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A couple getting a massage together

Personalized Treatments.

Shared Experience.

Reconnect and relax together with a Couples Massage. Your RMTs will co-ordinate your massages together in one of our spacious couples treatment rooms. An amazing bonding experience, this treatment can be shared with a partner, relative, or friend.


Each persons massage will still be tailored to their individual needs, and you will experience the same benefits, relaxation, and relief as you would during an individual massage. 

Choose from 60, 75, or 90 minute massages, with optional Cupping, Hot Stones, or Aromatherapy. Pricing is the same per person as individual massages, as listed on our Massage Therapy page.


Direct billing is also available for couples massage. 


  • Click the BOOK ONLINE button on the left of this page.

  • Ensure "Couples Massage Therapy" is selected from the list of disciplines on the left.

  • Decide on each persons treatment. You do not need to have the same type of massage or enhancement (eg. cupping) but it must be the same length of time.

  • You must book TWO appointments for the same time, one under each persons name. To do this, you need to create TWO profiles, one for each person.

  • Select the first persons treatment and look for 'PERSON 1' at the end of the treatment name. Proceed through the booking process.

  • Log out of Person 1's profile. Return to the booking menu and find the desired treatment for the second person, ensuring you select the option with PERSON 2 in the treatment name and the same appointment time. Proceed through booking.



You must have both a "PERSON 1" and "PERSON 2" service booked to ensure you are assigned two massage therapists and the correct couples room.

Bodhi Canmore Spa Hot Tubs in Summer

Enjoy the full Bodhi Experience

All couples treatments include full spa access to our outdoor hot tubs, eucalyptus steam room, gym, & locker rooms.

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