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60 minutes ................. $129

75 minutes ................. $159

90 minutes ................. $189

*Direct billing available for most major insurance companies.

All Bodhi massage treatments are tailored to your individual needs - you choose the pressure, style and areas of focus! Our experienced Canmore RMTs specialize in deep tissue, relaxation, sports massage, prenatal & postnatal massage, couples massage, myofascial cupping, and hot stone massage.

**Specific RMTs also offer TMJ massage (Cheryl), Craniosacral therapy (John & Suzanne), and lymphatic drainage (Marc & John).


Myofascial Cupping......... +$15

Cupping is an effective and safe soft tissue therapy that uses silicone cups placed on the skin to create a suction effect, lifting underlying fascial & muscle tissue and drawing fresh blood and oxygen to the area. This increased blood flow can help reduce or eliminate trigger points and adhesions, and promote cell repair, while also helping to detoxify the body by flushing toxins through the lymphatic system for elimination.

Hot Stone Aromatherapy...+$15

Warm up and rejuvenate with our therapeutic Hot Stone Massage! Experience the deep, penetrating warmth of heated basalt stones as they glide over your body, effectively releasing muscle tension, enhancing blood flow, and soothing your nervous system. This treatment not only eases physical strain but also invites a profound state of relaxation. And it doesn't stop there -  enrich your sensory experience and amplify the therapeutic benefits with your choice of one of our custom essential oil blends, each offering a unique aromatic journey.

Aromatherapy upgrade....+$5

This addition brings a subtle yet transformative touch to your massage experience. Our therapeutic essential oils, locally blended and carefully curated, are designed to complement your session beautifully. Whether you're looking to relax deeper, invigorate your senses, or simply enjoy a hint of nature's best aromas, our range of blends adds a personalized touch. This affordable upgrade is a small luxury that makes a big difference, enhancing your spa day in a naturally harmonious way.


Pregnancy brings huge changes to the body; aches and pains in the back and hips, physical and emotional stress, and general discomfort are very common. Prenatal massages are one of the most effective ways to combat the symptoms that come with pregnancy. This safe and effective form of massage therapy helps your body to relax, promotes circulation and decreases muscle tension. We have specialty Prenatal Pillows for mama-to-be, so she can lay comfortably and safely on the massage table.

*90 minute massage is not recommended for prenatal clients in late second and third trimester

45 minutes ................. $109

60 minutes ................. $129

75 minutes ................. $159


Massages and body treatments can also be booked as couples treatments. An amazing bonding experience, a shared treatment is a great way to relax and unwind together. Each persons massage will still be tailored to their individual needs.

60 minutes ................. $258

75 minutes ................. $318

90 minutes ................. $378

**Add $15 per person for cupping or hot stones

**Click here for instructions on how to book a 

 Bodhi Canmore Couples Massage online** 

Enjoy the full Bodhi Experience

Make it a true Canmore spa day!

All treatments include access to our outdoor hot pools, eucalyptus steam room, gym, & locker rooms.

*If you wish to claim your massage through insurance, you must select a practitioner with (RMT) next to their name. If you select an (MT) instead, you will not be able to claim through insurance*

*Prices listed do not include GST or gratuity.

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