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Bodhi Wellness Logo

Every business needs a why.
Here's ours.

Our health is our greatest asset, and our most valuable investment. We believe strongly in a holistic approach to wellness that goes beyond any singular focus, and our goal is to help individuals and families in Canmore achieve their health potential and be able to enjoy their life to the fullest.

Our Vision

It is our intent to promote awareness that health comes from within, is a dynamic process, and that each person is ultimately responsible for their own health and happiness. We are here to work alongside you to help you reach your optimal state of wellbeing, to reduce pain, and to keep you functioning at your best.  We want to inspire individuals and families to create powerful, lasting, positive change in their lives, and we believe the best way to do that is through effective treatment, therapeutic connection, and education. Each and every one of our team lives a lifestyle that embodies these values and is passionate and committed to being an authentic part of your healing journey.

Healing & Function




Our Approach

We offer a genuine and personalized approach to care that is designed based on your specific needs and goals.


For our Canmore locals, we can offer strategic care plans to optimize your healing and allow you to function at your best. Our RMTs and massage therapists also work collaboratively to provide comprehensive care from a variety of disciplines and backgrounds.

For those on vacation, we want to provide you with the best possible healing environment so you can have a unique and memorable spa experience. We’ll also offer education and advice on how to optimize your health when you’re back home.


As a team, our goal is to offer an authentic, effective, and exceptional experience that we would be happy to share with our own family and friends.

The Bodhi Wellness Experience. Something for everyone.

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