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Edna is a skilled and experienced therapist who offers personalized and professional care in all her treatments. With a background as a Physiotherapist from Chile, diplomas in Musculoskeletal Rehabilitation and Pelvic Floor Rehabilitation, and a wealth of experience as a Massage Therapist in the Rockies, Edna brings a unique and diverse skillset to our team! 


During her career as a Physiotherapist since 2014, in public and private practice, Edna worked extensively with seniors and semi-professional sports football teams, where she used massage as a complementary therapy.  Upon moving to Canada she pursued massage therapy full-time and has been offering therapeutic massage in the Bow Valley for the last six years. 


Edna has always been passionate about massage therapy as it helps people achieve a state of integral health, balancing all aspects of the person: physical, mental, emotional and energetic. 


Whether you're seeking a relaxing, sleep-promoting massage or a more intensive deep tissue treatment for pain relief, Edna always adapts her techniques to fit the needs of each client, seeking to facilitate balance and place the body in an optimal condition to heal itself. 


In her free time, you will find Edna enjoying the outdoors hiking, camping, and running. She also loves reading, and enjoys discovering new experiences! 


**Kindly note that Edna completed her education overseas and thus, does not have Alberta RMT registration. Unfortunately, this means that her massage treatments cannot be claimed through insurance.**

Massage Therapist in Canmore

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